For the rumored AirPods 3 we can expect more

For the rumored AirPods 3 we can expect more

For the rumored AirPods 3 we can expect more

For the rumored AirPods 3 we can expect more


Although Apple just updated the new AirPods in March, we still hope to see the third generation of this stylish Bluetooth headset this year and next year. Due to the second generation

AirPods is an incremental upgrade, appearance and noise reduction, and the evolution of everyone’s heart has not appeared, so the rumored AirPods 3 has been placed more expectation. According to current news, AirPods 3 may have a series of new features and other updates. What are you most looking forward to?

New design

As early as the end of 2018, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicted that AirPods 3 will adopt a new design. However, he did not provide any other details. Based on improvements to current AirPods, Apple may add some adjustability to different sizes of ear canals. The average manufacturer will provide interchangeable earbuds, but Apple may have its own novel solution. In addition, if AirPods 3 is as predictive as with noise reduction, its appearance also needs to change. From the physical structure, the body may become slightly larger, and the earplugs are made in-ear or semi-war.


AirPods is suitable for many scenes, from walking in the rain too long hours in the sun. But current AirPods don’t have any waterproof rating, which means they can get hurt if they are really wet with water or sweat.

Adding water resistance to AirPods 3 may be one of its most popular features.


For the rumored AirPods 3 we can expect more


New color and coating

In addition to the new design mentioned earlier, Apple can also provide other design upgrades for AirPods. According to past reports, AirPods 3 may include new color choices and new matte coatings.

AirPods has only been available in an all-white style to date. With the increase in AirPods market revenue, Apple’s launch of AirPids 3 with a variety of color schemes to stimulate users’ buying desires is also a marketing tool. According to the Taiwan Economic Daily in February, future versions of AirPods may adopt new black options (and possibly other colors). The report also indicates that AirPods 3 may use a new matte coating for everyday use and wear, which is more suitable for exercise.

Noise reduction

AirPods has excellent sound quality, but neither the first generation nor the second generation has a noise reduction function. If you really want to immerse yourself in the music when you are taking public transportation such as the subway, it will be quite harsh. Noise reduction may be one of the most wanted features of the user. One earphone, the most important selling point is the listening experience, and everything else can only be an icing on the cake.

But don’t worry, noise cancellation is likely to become a new feature of AirPods 3. According to Bloomberg and other sources, AirPods 3 will use some sort of noise cancellation technology. It is not clear whether it uses physical noise reduction or active noise reduction because there are rumors that both exist. Another report shows that AirPods 3 with noise reduction will be more expensive.

Health sensor

As Apple’s health app and Apple Watch update suggest, the company is very committed to entering health care. The idea of ​​adding health tracking to this headset has been around for a long time. A method of configuring a headset using a plurality of biometric sensors is described in a series of patents. They work like the Apple Watch, which uses a light volume map (PPG) sensor to illuminate the skin to perform various measurements, such as heart rate monitoring.

There is currently no specific information explaining whether AirPods 3 can achieve health monitoring because the addition of more advanced sensors depends on whether Apple is willing to significantly change the appearance of the headset.

Release date

In fact, most of the above features were originally directed at the forecast before Apple released AirPods 2 this year. Although AirPods 2 is not the second generation that everyone is looking forward to, Apple’s upgrade to AirPods has been recognized by many people. Now, the rumors of AirPods 3 are coming one after another. Everyone has speculated that this is what we are waiting for. That real “second generation.”

Initially, AirPods 3 was scheduled to be released earlier this year, but Bloomberg subsequently said it might launch in 2020. It’s worth noting that the recent investor record by analyst Daniel Ives suggests that AirPods 3 may be released at the right time during this busy holiday shopping season.


For the rumored AirPods 3 we can expect more
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