Origem launches the HS-3, headphones with HDR Audio sound

Origem launches the HS-3, headphones with HDR Audio sound


Among other advantages are its water resistance and the function of a voice assistant compatible with Siri and Google Assistant

The quality and multifunctionality of mobile phones have increased the use of headphones, especially wireless models, to the point that a large number of brands and models of optimal sound quality are appearing on the market, at reasonable prices.

Origem is a company dedicated to the development of wireless headphones. In his presentation he defines himself as a  great music lover, so he has chosen to create audio devices capable of offering a satisfactory listening experience, harnessing the power of the latest technology.

Origem was born in 2014  by acoustic engineers, industrial designers, supply chain veterans and adventurers. A team that has the commitment to ‘break the rules, leading the trend to develop our own patented technology and recognized innovative algorithm for integrating audio equipment, allowing us to remain pioneers in the industry’.

Origem launches the HS-3, headphones with HDR Audio sound

In recent years, this firm has been dedicated to integrating technology and hardware, to refining the product design so that it adapts to the forms of the ear canal and has partnered with experienced manufacturers to make the product affordable. This philosophy was born his first multifunctional acoustic equipment: Origem HS-3.

HS-3 integrates HDR into its firmware, which allows it to equalize the music it plays on its own. They also have the possibility of being linked to two devices such as another smartphone or a laptop.

Response and loudness

These cordless headphones are characterized by applying HDR (High Dynamic Range) technology to audio for the first time in headphone design. The HDR algorithm can dynamically adjust the loudness of all different frequencies and provide a rewarding stereo sound experience. Integrated into a 10 mm graphene speaker, it creates an optimal frequency response and offers a sound without distortion.

Origem launches the HS-3, headphones with HDR Audio sound

Thanks to the HDR Audio, the Origem HS-3 are capable of optimizing sounds at any frequency level, offering a remarkable listening experience.

Regardless of the music genre that is heard, HDR Audio will adjust all the bass, treble and bass parameters so that the user achieves a clear, crisp and quality sound.

Good fit

The product is also characterized by an ingenious design of rotating hooks that allows comfortable use, even for a long time. It has an adjustment of ± 70 degrees that favours a stable placement. This together with that they have achieved the IPX5 classification (water and sweat resistant) makes them suitable for use during sports activities

Connectivity and autonomy

They are equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 technology that provides optimum transmission performance, fast speed and greater connection distance, as well as lower consumption. They can be used continuously for  6 to 8 hours and can offer a strong reception within a range of 10 meters. They need 40 minutes for a full charge, which means that after 10 minutes of charging, about 2 hours can be used.

Voice control

One of the characteristic notes of the product is that after connecting it to the mobile and through an innovative voice recognition system, voice commands can be used to answer calls, hang up the phone, set a date on the calendar or request information of all kinds. The system is compatible with Google Assitant and Siri. To this we must add the possibility of controlling all aspects of the audio reproduction, using the voice to pass the song or pause the music, without having to touch any button.

Equipment and price

These headphones come with four pairs of interchangeable pads, to adjust the earpiece to the ear. The manufacturer offers a one year warranty. The price of this model is around 89 euros.


HDR Audio
Support for Google Assistant and Siri
Adjustable ear support
Water resistance IPX5
Bluetooth 5.0
Support Codec: APTX, AAC, SBC
Frequency: 20Hz ~ 20 kHz ~
Class II I Transmission (-6dBm ~ + 4dBm)

User experience

Good sound insulation and good sound. Clear and crisp with any type of music.
Good grip and optimal sweat resistance while exercising.
Voice control works efficiently.
The battery life is just what the manufacturer indicates, but it is more 6 hours than 8 hours of autonomy.
The hands-free function works very correctly, it is heard and heard loudly and well.
The bass sounds blunt, the media provide a good experience and the treble give good results, somewhat strident in some cases. Globally: remarkable experience.


Origem launches the HS-3, headphones with HDR Audio sound

Origem launches the HS-3, headphones with HDR Audio sound
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