OnePlus TV, confirmed another competitor in smart TVs

OnePlus TV, confirmed another competitor in smart TVs

OnePlus TV will be another brand to add to the competitive smart TV market. The Chinese brand will thus expand its business line based on smartphones as other similar companies such as Honor have already done.

“We believe that there is no other name that can better represent our courage, vision and pride with our own brand name him”, said a representative of the company to confirm the simplicity of the name of this development.

The smartphone manufacturer did not provide any other details regarding the device, but said it will follow its design philosophy: «OnePlus TV is an extension of the brand mentality ‘Never Settle’. OnePlus TV will have intelligent capabilities together with the company’s ‘no load’ design philosophy to offer users a fluid and connected experience».

OnePlus revealed an equally basic logo, saying there was more than it might seem to the naked eye. «We are inspired by the classic geometric progression and looked more closely, we can say that we have used the same thickness for both the logo and the letters to guarantee an aesthetic of symmetry and unity».

There is no official specification data, but according to a recent listing of Bluetooth SIG, OnePlus TV would be marketed in several models with LED panel and sizes ranging from 43 to 75 inches. They will run the Android TV operating system and maximum integration with the company’s smartphones is safe. 

If the competition in mobiles is brutal, in televisions it is no less. Samsung and LG take most of the cake, but there are many others as settled as Sony, Philips, Hitachi and a very long etc. OnePlus TV will not be easy, at least outside of China. With the overwhelming dominance of the large companies in the technologies of these large-format screens, OnePlus will have to offer distinctive elements and/or a particularly reduced price.

One of OnePlus’s mobile rivals, Honor, launched its VISION smart TV with a pop-up camera last week at the Huawei developer conference. Meanwhile, Xiaomi has been selling smart TVs since 2013 and entered the Indian market last year with custom software that works with local cable and decoder services. We will have to wait and see what OnePlus TV brings to differentiate itself from the rest.


OnePlus TV, confirmed another competitor in smart TVs
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1 Comment

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