Sony TV X8500G

Many entry-level big screen TVs I chose Sony TV X8500G

Many entry-level big screen TVs I chose Sony TV X8500G

In the environment where the price of LCD panels is gradually declining and the demand for audiovisual products is constantly improving, “big size” has become a hot word in the TV market in the past two years. Early we bought 50 inches, 55 inches have been considered big enough, but in the current view, 65 inches will be regarded as the entry size of the big screen TV. For mainstream consumers, in the traditional sense, in the price segment of 6000 yuan, you can only choose domestic or Internet brands to buy large-size TVs. But in fact, in the case that the LCD industry chain is sufficiently perfect, consumers can have more choices.

As the old label of the TV industry, Sony can maintain its long-lasting reasons. It is not just fame, but more importantly, it has the quality of hardcore to support it. Sony TV X8500G maintains high standards and high requirements in both picture quality and sound quality.

Sony TV X8500G

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In terms of picture quality, the Sony TV X8500G is equipped with a 4K HDR image processing chip X1, which can intelligently analyze and process the brightness, detail and color of the picture, giving full play to the display potential of the LCD panel, making the TV picture more detailed, more natural and more realistic. . At the same time, the use of the Terry charm technology can also bring a wider color gamut and rich color gradation, so that the screen maintains appropriate saturation but does not produce color cast, further improving color accuracy.

The combination of sound and picture has always been regarded as a common goal pursued by the industry. The technical difficulty is that it needs to carry a high-frequency sound field on the left and right ends of the upper back of the screen through multi-channel screen sound field technology. Positioning the speaker to achieve a full sense of the combination of the picture and the sound, so that the sound field is more oriented and three-dimensional, thus achieving the “integration of sound and picture” immersion experience.

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Sony TV X8500G also uses this technology, equipped with a high-frequency sound field positioning speaker at both ends of the screen on the back of the screen, which can achieve the ideal state of “integration of sound and picture”. Support Dolby panoramic sound, follow-up can also be upgraded by Dolby Vision software to enhance the sense of presence.

Sony TV X8500G is equipped with Android 8.0 system, AI intelligent voice technology is also upgraded from voice search to voice control, users only need to speak the instructions to the TV, you can easily complete the operation of playing the movie or open the application, and enjoy your favorite For video or apps, AI voice is smarter. Still hesitating, take the Sony TV X8500G home!


Check Price Many entry-level big screen TVs I chose Sony TV X8500G

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