Lenovo Legion Y7000 Review

Lenovo Legion Y7000 Review- Full Review And Specification

Lenovo Legion Y7000 Review


Lenovo Legion Y7000 Review

Lenovo Legion Y7000 Review. Lenovo released the new Savior Games family on April 23, including the rescuers Y9000K 2019, Y7000P 2019 and Y7000 2019 three series, Y9000K positioning fever e-sports, with the strongest performance; Y7000P positioning professional e-sports, The e-sports attribute is more prominent; the Y7000 locates the national game book, has the mainstream configuration, and the price is relatively close to the people.

Previously, we have reviewed the savers Y7000 P 2019 and Y7000 2019. The two series have distinctive features, but many of them may be confused during the actual purchase process, whether it is the saver Y7000P or Y7000, then Which one is the right choice for multiple configurations? Today, I recommend two models that are strong enough and reasonably priced, and I hope to help you.

How is the cost-effectiveness of Lenovo Savior made?


Lenovo Legion Y7000 Review

Lenovo Legion Y7000 Review

  The first is the rescuer Y7000P 2019, its specific configuration is i7-9750H processor, 16GB dual channel memory, 1TB SSD, GTX 1660 Ti graphics card, 144Hz refresh rate / 72% NTSC color gamut screen, this configuration on the 618 days Starting, the price is 8999 yuan, the evaluation returns 100 yuan Jingdong E card, and the white strip 3 interest-free.

The second is the rescuer Y7000 2019, which is specifically configured with the i7-9750H processor, 16GB dual-channel memory, 1TB SSD, GTX 1660 Ti graphics card, and 72% NTSC color gamut screen. 618 same day is also the first configuration, the price is 8699 yuan, the same is the evaluation back to 100 yuan Jingdong Ecard, enjoy the white section 3 interest-free.

 performance analysis

Lenovo Legion Y7000 Review

  It can be seen that the two games are based on the i7-9750H processor + GTX 1660 Ti graphics card combination, this configuration is also one of the most cost-effective combinations of the current game, the following is for everyone to analyze.

i7-9750H core

  In general, processor performance on notebooks has a lot to do with PL1 (long-term Turbo) and PL2 (short-time Turbo) power consumption. Different settings of PL1 and PL2 by different notebook manufacturers on the same processor will lead to completely different results. If the manufacturer is conservative, the setting of PL1 and PL2 is relatively low, the performance of the processor will be limited, and the maximum performance cannot be achieved. Conversely, if the setting of PL1 and PL2 is higher, the performance of the processor will be Will get a better release.

Quiet, balanced, beast performance mode

Lenovo Legion Y7000 Review

  The Lenovo Saver has three performance modes: Quiet, Equilibrium, and Beast. It can be switched by the combination of Fn+Q. The PL1 long-term Turbo power consumption of the processor in the Beast mode is the highest, the equalization mode is second, and the quiet mode is the lowest. The average user only needs to know the beast mode when playing the game, select the equalization mode when revising the map and making the form, and choose the silent mode when watching movies and listening to music.

  Similar to the positioning of GTX 16 series desktop graphics cards, the mobile GTX 1660 Ti will further lower the barriers for gamers. The GTX 1660 Ti is practical because it removes the core for real-time ray tracing and DLSS deep learning to oversample. Sex and cost-effective than the RTX 20 series, more suitable for mainstream players to choose.

Lenovo Legion Y7000 Review


Lenovo Legion Y7000 Review


GTX 1660 Ti core

  From the test data, the GTX 1660 Ti is higher than the GTX 1070 Max-Q in the DX11 environment and higher than the mobile GTX 1070 in the DX12 environment. Compared with the mobile GTX 1060, the GTX 1660 Ti is up 30% in the DX11 environment, 57% in the DX12 environment and the overall improvement is over 40%. The performance is very powerful. To be more intuitive, the GTX 1660 Ti can run the current mainstream 3A games almost at 1080p and high quality.

  In addition to the Fn+Q mode to unlock the performance of the processor, the two rescuers also have a black technology for graphics cards, which is called Dual-Direct GFX display mode. Dual-Direct GFX has two working modes, one is the direct connection mode, which directly outputs the screen directly to the display. In this mode, the number of game frames will be higher;

  The other is a hybrid mode with independent display and nuclear display. After the screen is calculated separately, it will be output to the display through the nuclear display. This mode will sacrifice some game frames, but it will extend the notebook’s battery life, suitable for users. Not used for game time.

The savior is equipped with Dual-Direct GFX display mode

  We have previously tested two different graphics connection modes and found that the direct connection mode can indeed increase the number of game frames. The increased range varies from game to game. For example, Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey has improved by 14 With more frames, “Crysis: New Dawn” has been upgraded by 6 frames, and Tomb Raider: Shadow has increased by 4 frames.

  The other two games use 16GB dual-channel memory and 1TB NVMe PCIe SSD. Dual-channel memory is necessary to play the performance of GTX 1660 Ti, while 1TB PCIe SSD takes into account speed and capacity. In short, basic in storage. No need for players to upgrade themselves.

appearance analysis

Lenovo Legion Y7000 Review

  The appearance of the Savior Y7000P 2019 is very characteristic, the overall is a relatively low-key type, but there is no lack of muscle and strength. For example, the A-side has no other elements except the “Y” type logo. The muscle sense is reflected by the three cut surfaces defined by the two oblique lines on the A surface. It seems simple, but the lines thus outlined are Has shown the tough style of the notebook.

Lenovo Savior Y7000P 2019 A face detail

  The A side of the Savior Y7000P 2019 is made of metal, with a fine matte texture and a good feel. The “Y” font will emit white light when turned on, and the switch can be controlled by the Fn+L key combination.

  The Savior Y7000’s appearance is also highly recognizable, with a large concentric circle texture on the top cover, so you can see the unique reflection effect in a certain angle of light. Although the top cover is not made of metal, the texture design looks equally textured.

Lenovo Savior Y7000 2019 A face detail

  The high recognition of this mold comes from the large “Y” belief lamp in the middle of the top cover. It will emit red backlight when it is turned on, and the switch backlight can also be realized by the Fn+L key combination. In addition, the entire screen is located above the fuselage, and the two are connected to each other through a cylindrical screen shaft.

 screen analysis

  The recommended first Saver Y7000P 2019 uses a 144Hz refresh rate screen. Compared to a 60Hz display that refreshes 60 times per second, the 144Hz display can be refreshed 84 times per second. In other words, when using a 144Hz refresh rate display, you can see 84 more frames, of course, the premise is that the graphics card has no bottleneck.

In the usual mouse pointer, we use the mouse to circle on the 144Hz refresh rate display. You can see that the mouse pointer and the pointer are very tight and the continuity is very good. On the 60Hz display, the distance between the pointer and the pointer is relatively large, and it is obvious that many frames are missing.

  Think about it, if you change the mouse pointer to a fast moving enemy in the game, can you see more with a 144Hz refresh rate monitor?

Both savers use a 72% NTSC color gamut screen. Simply put, the higher the color gamut, the richer the color of the screen, the more natural the color transition, the better the player’s visual experience.

heat analysis

  Both rescuers use the TSI frost blade cooling system, which consists of a dual fan + three heat pipes (Y7000P 2019 uses three 8mm heat pipes, GTX 1650 graphics card Y7000 2019 uses two 8mm + one 6mm heat pipe), And in the CPU / graphics card power supply, memory, chipset location is also covered with a soaking plate, heat dissipation materials are very willing

In the previous copying process, the Lenovo Savior’s C surface did not appear to be overheated. The temperature of the keyboard, trackpad, and palm rest position was relatively comfortable, and the player could obtain an ideal environment during the use process.

Lenovo Legion Y7000 Review

written at the end

  It can be seen that the performance of the two saviors in terms of performance, appearance, screen, heat dissipation, etc. are remarkable, especially the configuration of the i7-9750H+GTX 1660 Ti, for players who value performance and are not well-funded. It is simply a perfect match. If you want to buy a gamebook with strong performance and a reasonable price at 618, I suggest that you must consider the two savior games mentioned above. The performance after you arrive will not let you. Disappointed.

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Lenovo Legion Y7000 Review- Full Review And Specification
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