Interview with Call of Duty Mobile Game Production Team: Android-Apple can communicate

Interview with Call of Duty Mobile Game Production Team: Android Apple can communicate

Interview with Call of Duty Mobile Game Production Team: Android-Apple can communicate

Interview with Call of Duty Mobile Game Production Team: Android-Apple can communicate


Recently, Acting Vice President Chris Plummer accepted an interview about Call of Duty Mobile Games. In the interview, he revealed a lot of interesting information about the game. Let’s take a look.

With the call center regional beta testing starting globally, the Activision Games blog talked with Activision Mobile Vice President Chris Plummer, which focused on creating the best beta test for gamers around the world. Why do you choose a specific area to test first and whether the game can be interoperable. And his favorite part: how the Call of Duty mobile game fits into the world of Call of Duty.

Part 1: Everything about beta testing

Activision Game Blog (hereafter referred to as AGB): Thank you for taking the time to be interviewed. What can you tell fans about the beta test?

Chris Plummer (hereinafter referred to as CP): We are working hard to let players experience the best Call of Duty mobile games. The beta test gives us qualitative and quantitative data feedback, which will help us understand what works and what is useless. . Based on this data, we can diagnose the tough problems and start repairing to ensure that our Call of Duty mobile game, which is released globally, is as good as possible.

What is the goal and purpose of the AGB: beta test?

CP: The balance and stability of the game are very important to us. The goal of our beta test is to verify that all functional systems and technical performances are as expected. We will continue to polish some unsatisfactory elements until they become What we want.

AGB: Can you tell us if you have any feedback?

CP: Player feedback is our main goal, and we look at it in a variety of ways. We looked at the questionnaires in each game, the comments of each app store, and the messages of each user. We will look at the performance metrics to determine which models have users who have not yet had a smooth experience so that we can find a solution. We also looked at the game’s performance data to see which models conquered the configuration requirements. Basically, we looked at everything we could see, and the purpose of doing this was to make sure that as many players as possible could have fun.


Call of Duty Mobile Game


AGB: Speaking of the game, in the beta test of the qualifying, players can get progress and rankings.

CP: Of course! The experience of the qualifying mode will be a core part of our beta testing.

AGB: At present, only India and Australia are allowed to enter the beta version. When will players in other regions play the Call of Duty mobile game?

CP: We started in India and Australia because they met our goal of implementing a one-stage beta test. As the beta test continues, more countries and regions will increase later. We will learn from the feedback of the first-stage beta test to know when and where to conduct the next beta test, so stay tuned!

Part II: Development Challenges and Interoperability

AGB: Have you encountered any special challenges in developing this game on mobile devices?

CP: Call of Duty has considerable appeal and a lot of great content. We also have a lot of passion and input to let us focus on creating the best gaming experience. Whether you are new or big, you will feel The Call of Duty mobile game is what you want. We never compromise on this, and the goal of our game is to create the iconic sense of Call of Duty from scratch on mobile devices.

We’ve put a lot of effort into ensuring that the game is optimized for performance on a variety of devices, which not only helps ensure that the latest and greatest phones can play with amazing graphics and light and shadow. And old equipment can still play downstream without slowing down.

AGB: If I download Android games, can I play games with people on iOS, and vice versa?

CP: Yes, Android users can currently interoperate with Apple users and vice versa.

Part III: The first contact between Black Ops and Modern Warfare

AGB: How does the game fit into the Call of Duty worldview?

CP: Call of Duty mobile game for the first time brings together the elements of “Call of Duty” (including Black Action and Modern Warfare) in an epic game, such as the choice of “soap” (modern war characters) into the standoff map (Black Ops 3 Map), this is a very interesting experience, choosing maps and characters from the long history of Call of Duty can create a very novel and interesting experience.


Call of Duty Mobile Game

AGB: What is the difference between this game and the previous PC or console game?

CP: This is a new stand-alone game designed for mobile platforms that stands out from the Call of Duty game and offers a unique experience for mobile gamers.

AGB: Finally, what do you want to share with players the coolest part of the game?

CP: Countless! It’s really fun to play the iconic Call of Duty map and mode whenever and wherever you want. But my favorite place is that the weapons are quite comprehensive, and there will be some iconic weapons. The old powder of Call of Duty will definitely be recognized. Please note that the game will soon be able to launch messages in other modes, which is also a very exciting mode.


Interview with Call of Duty Mobile Game Production Team: Android Apple can communicate
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