Huawei Mate20pro Review And Specification

Huawei Mate20pro Review And Specification

Huawei Mate20pro Review And Specification

Huawei Mate20pro Review And Specification


 [ Huawei Mate20pro and P20pro which is good ] After Huawei P20pro, Huawei launched a new generation of top flagship mobile phone Huawei Mate20pro. Which is better for Huawei Mate20pro and P20pro? We will compare Huawei Mate20pro and P20pro in terms of appearance and configuration.


Huawei Mate20pro and P20pro appearance comparison

  Let’s compare the appearance of Huawei Mate20pro and P20pro.

  In terms of appearance, Huawei Mate20pro and P20pro both use Liu Haiping design, but the difference between the two is still very obvious. In addition to the larger screen size, Huawei Mate20pro uses a flexible OLED, the curved surface on both sides of the screen is larger than the P20pro, and the 3D curved glass on the back is almost symmetrical, making the hand feel smoother and smoother.

In the design of Liu Hai, Huawei Mate20pro has added a 3D structured light face recognition module, so it is longer than the P20pro in Liu Hai. Huawei Mate20pro canceled the front physical fingerprint module, so the front chin is narrower than the P20pro, and the overall vision is more beautiful.

On the back, Huawei Mate20pro uses a multi-surface 3D glass body, and the back texture is made by a nano-scale etching process, which highlights the calm texture. Different from Huawei’s vertical design scheme of P20pro, Huawei’s Mate20pro’s rear Leica three shots + one flash is arranged in a matrix, which is more symmetrical.

  In terms of color matching, Huawei Mate20pro offers five colors of cherry powder, bright black, sapphire blue, Aurora and enamel.

  Overall, the design of Huawei Mate20pro is more compact than that of Huawei P20pro. The Leica three-shot of the Yuba style also makes Huawei Mate20pro look like a self. I believe that this design concept from Porsche lamps will be welcomed by quite a few users.

Huawei Mate20pro and P20pro configuration comparison

  As the latest generation of Huawei’s flagship, Huawei Mate20pro can be described as a ride in all aspects of configuration materials.

  On the screen side, Huawei Mate20pro uses a flexible OLED screen with 2K resolution, and the picture is more delicate and bright. The 7nm process of the Kirin 980 processor blessing, performance, and computing power have been significantly improved compared to the previous generation of Kirin 970, communication capabilities are faster and more stable.

In terms of camera, Huawei Mate20pro rear-mounted with 4000W wide-angle +2000W super wide-angle +800W telephoto three Leica lens [matrix multi-focus imaging system], can achieve the equivalent 16 ~ 270mm focal length angle of view, can achieve super wide-angle and ultra-micro Distance function. Under the super AI HDR technology support, Huawei Mate20pro can provide a wide dynamic range when taking pictures, and complete the fusion of up to 10 frames of RAW format images, and the overall imaging capability is extremely powerful.

On the front camera, Huawei Mate20pro consists of the 2400W front camera, infrared fill light, speckle projector, distance sensor, ambient light sensor and infrared camera [3D depth sensing camera], which can realize safe 3D face of payment level. Unlocking, by projecting 3W feature points, 3D modeling of faces and other objects can be performed, which is safe and more playable.

Huawei Mate20pro Review And Specification

For battery life, Huawei Mate20pro is equipped with 4200mAh battery, Type-C interface, 40W super wired fast charge (70% charge for 30 minutes) and 15W wireless fast charge. At the same time, Huawei Mate20pro also supports wireless reverse charging. Other mobile phones that support wireless charging are close to Huawei Mate20pro and can start charging.

n other respects, Huawei Mate20pro can achieve 1P68 waterproof and dustproof; support ultra-micro memory card capacity expansion (up to 256GB); L5 and L1 dual-frequency GPS positioning system, positioning is more accurate.

Huawei Mate20pro and P20pro price comparison

  At present, Huawei Mate20pro Europe is priced at 1049 Euro (6GB+128GB version), which is equivalent to RMB 8363. It is expected that the price of the Bank of China will be cheaper than that of the European version. The estimated price is around RMB 7,999. The Huawei P20pro is priced at 3,888 yuan (6GB+128GB version) at Huawei’s official mall. Due to the different positioning of Huawei Mate20pro and P20pro, this price gap is understandable.

Huawei Mate20pro Review And Specification

Through the comparison of the above aspects, the results of Huawei Mate20pro and P20pro are still very obvious. Huawei Mate20pro combines all kinds of top-level design and configuration to enhance the performance and camera capabilities of mobile phones to a new level. It is the top flagship. Regardless of the price, Huawei Mate20pro is definitely more worth buying than Huawei P20pro.

Huawei Mate20pro Review And Specification
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