Google Pay already has dark mode: install the APK

Google Pay already has dark mode: install the APK

Google has updated its mobile payment application, Google Pay, with the new dark mode before the imminent arrival of Android 10.

Google continues to work towards the launch of Android 10 to have all its applications ready for the new version of the system. In this case, it is somewhat more tricky because by including Android 10 an option that allows you to activate the night mode manually, Google has to make sure that all its applications comply with the aesthetic.

That is why in recent months we have been telling you what were the Google apps that already had this function activated, in case you wanted to use them.

Today the app that is updated is the payment one, Google Pay, which also implements this dark mode.

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Unlike other applications, in this case, we do not have the option to activate or deactivate the new mode with black and grey colors. The application of Google Pay in its version v2.96.264233179 is focused on Android 9 Pie or Android 10 users since only in these versions will we see how the dark mode is activated when we have little battery.

It is at that moment that Google Pay goes from having very light colors to very dark ones.


Google Pay already has dark mode: install the APK

It remains to be seen that this does not interfere with the function of saving airline tickets that we talked about a few weeks ago. In that case, the brightness of the screen goes up to the maximum so that QR code readers can access the one we have in the app. With the black tones, it will be necessary to verify if it is thus.

However, we advise you not to get on a low battery plane whenever you can avoid it.

This version is currently being updated by the Google Play Store but if it hasn’t already come out and you don’t want to wait you can install it from this APK Mirror link.



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Google Pay already has dark mode: install the APK
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