OnePlus TV, confirmed another competitor in smart TVs

The first features of OnePlus TV are filtered

The first features of OnePlus TV are filtered

In a few weeks the OnePlus TV will become official but some of its specifications, such as size or operating system, have already been leaked.

OnePlus knows that there are many markets in which you can enter to compete as you have in the smartphone. The next one that will enter will be that of televisions, a sector that is called to evolve in the coming years and that for the moment has barely taken the first steps in this regard.

The OnePlus proposal will not be exceptionally cheap because it seeks to fight Samsung and Sony, although it will be somewhat cheaper. They will also emphasize the experience section, although we do not know-how.

What we do know, thanks to recent leaks, are the characteristics it will have.

A 55 ″ panel with QLED technology


The first of the specifications has been shared on Twitter by the company’s vice president in France. There will be at least one television model that will be 55 inches diagonally and will have QLED technology, which indicates that the screen will be manufactured by Samsung with almost total security.

There are rumours that there will be three other sizes , with diagonals of 43, 65 and 75 inches, all with 4K resolution, although only FHD resolution will be used in the menus.

Android TV and Mediatek processor for OnePlus TV


The first features of OnePlus TV are filtered

A previous leak indicated that this device would use Android TV in version 9, and that it was being certified by Google . Of course, there will be some changes in the form of an app to create a unique relationship with the brand’s mobiles, although there will not be a different interface since Google does not allow it on Android TV.

Some technical data have also been known, such as the processor, a Mediatek MT5670 that we had not seen so far, and a Mali-G51 MP3 GPU.

We will have to wait a few weeks for the OnePlus TV to be presented in India, something that has been confirmed, although it is expected to reach other markets in October.

The first features of OnePlus TV are filtered


The first features of OnePlus TV are filtered
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