An error in Android 10 enables screen uninstallation

An error in Android 10 enables screen uninstallation

A curious error of Android 10 in Google Pixel enables the option to uninstall in the screen settings. As if it were an application. During this week we are in luck for several reasons. Beyond the terrible return of the holidays, all of us who love technology have Android 10 a great cause for joy. The stable version for the Google Pixel is available, the manufacturers announce their plans to upgrade and we have even tried it on an OnePlus 7 Pro. Of course, perhaps it is a stable version as it seemed.

As you have discovered in this Reddit thread , Android 10 saves a curiosity in the form of an error within the screen options. As if it were one more application, this hardware element is identified by the system as an app; so it gives the option to open the screen and even uninstall it. Obviously, neither one thing nor the other can be done.

Android 10 identifies hardware components as applications and gives the option to uninstall them

Obviously, it is not going to uninstall the screen of a phone just by pressing a virtual button, but it is surprising that Google has not paid attention to this detail considering that Android 10 is already a stable version. In addition, this happens only in Google Pixel: in the beta with Android 10 of the OnePlus 7 Pro does not happen.

To see the error we are talking about you just have to do the following:

  • Go to the settings of your Pixel and go to the battery options.
  • Enter ” Battery use ” (top menu of the three points).
  • Click on the top menu and then on « Show full use of the device «.
  • You will see that the consumption of all the elements appears, both installed and system apps, including hardware components. Enter « Screen «.
  • Within the screen options, the ” Uninstall ” or the opening appears, as in any application. Even the time the screen has been used in the background, something totally absurd: it is impossible to turn on the phone panel without using it.
  • The error is also reflected in other hardware elements, such as WiFi or mobile network: Android 10 enables the button to uninstall them.

What happens when you press on uninstall? The settings are hung, nothing more. With another curious detail: if you click on «Open» the application that runs is Google Photos. This error is nothing more than a curiosity without too much scope, but surely Google will correct it in future updates of its Pixel.

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An error in Android 10 enables screen uninstallation
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