Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4

Customize your Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4 without limits with this application

Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4


Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4



WF Creations is an application with such a list of screens for the XiaomI Mi Smart Band 4 that you can customize at your leisure. Download it now!

One of the key details of Xiaomi’s latest bestselling accessory is the screen. Thanks to its large size for the type of device it is, since this panel is in colour, the Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4 offers greater appeal than previous models. And also allows huge customization with the simplicity of changing the screen of the bracelet.

By default, the Mi Fit application, the app that synchronizes the phone with the wristband, has more than 50 high-quality customizations. And leave the door open for us to upload any other design. For example, using WF Creations, an application of Spanish origin that is permanently updated with new content.

WF Creations: tons of customizations for the screen of your Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4

The application offers access to a host of new customizations for the Xiaomi activity wristband. Behind WF Creaciones is a Spanish group of creators that not only shares its content adapted to the accessory, it also receives requests and offers help with personalization. You can visit them on this Telegram channel.

The use of the application is simple: just install it, look for a sphere that suits your needs and click on the “INSTALL” button. The complete process is the following:

  • Download and install WF Creaciones Mi Band 4: it’s free, it does not have strange permissions and only incorporates some announcement.
  • Browse through the entire list of spheres included to locate the one you like.
  • Once the sphere is chosen, click on « INSTALL «. The application will load the design and take it to the Xiaomi Mi Fit app.
  • Open the My Fit application.
  • Go to the options of your My Smart Band 4 and enter ” Bracelet screen settings “.
  • Once all the spheres are loaded, scroll to ” My Wrist Screens ” and you will see the design you downloaded.
  • Click on your sphere, synchronize the Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4 and that’s it.

The application adds new wristband designs constantly, so we recommend you browse both the available areas and your Telegram channel. It is a secure app, it has no strange permissions and only has one ad: that you can eliminate collaborating with the developers through in-app purchases. If you have a Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4 we recommend that you install WF Creaciones Mi Band 4. You will not regret it.


Customize your Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4 without limits with this application
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1 Comment

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