Best laptop for live Streaming Videos in 2020

Best laptop for live Streaming Videos in 2020

Choosing a new best laptop for live streaming is a time-consuming task. Not only are there dozens of brands with hundreds of models to choose from, but there are also new releases every month!

There is no better laptop for everyone because depending on the needs we will see that there is one or more suitable for each use: for gaming, studying, working, video editing, convertibles … There are many types and with different sizes of screen, storage capacity or power in the processor.

Finding a good laptop that suits our needs and is, of course, good value for money can be a bit easier with this selection of the top 10 laptops. We have chosen ten very varied models that stand out in their category for their benefits and functionalities.

In addition, we explain without technicalities which technical characteristics are more appropriate in each case, the advantages and disadvantages of each screen size, as well as what newer technologies can offer us, such as SSD memory disks.

Top 10 best laptop for live streaming in 2020

Below is the list of best laptop for streaming

1) Lenovo Ideapad  (Best laptop for streaming)

Best laptop for live Streaming Videos in 2020

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The Lenovo Ideapad S340 Best laptop for live Streaming is one of the best value for money we can offer. It is ideal for students or people who are very clear that they need a device for basic uses, such as consulting the internet, writing in a word processor or watching a movie since it has a  15.6 ”screen with an adequate HD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels) for this size.

Among its advantages, apart from the screen, it is found that it comes with a 512GB Solid State Drive (PCIe SSD) that offers more than enough capacity. It incorporates an 8GB DDR4 RAM memory that is adequate for the rest of the equipment’s characteristics, like the Intel UHD Graphics 600 graphics card.

However, part of its low price is explained by the fact that it comes without an operating system installed, and its processor intel core i7 processor, specifically an Intel Celeron N4000. But if we are clear that it is intended for mainly office use, it does not need more.

It has a two-cell battery that gives it a medium autonomy and does not include a DVD-CD recorder. We have a superior version in the Lenovo Ideapad 330-15ICH, which also brings a 15.6 ″ screen, although of FullHD quality and incorporates much more powerful hardware, which highlights its Intel Core i7-8750H processor. It has a 1TB HDD, 8GB of RAM and integrated Intel Iris Plus Graphics. It also comes without an operating system. Obviously it is a more expensive version because it is much more powerful.


  • Thin  and lightweight
  • Good Battery backup
  • Highest performing ULV laptops


  • Poor colour coverage

2) Acer Aspire 3 (Best laptop for live streaming in 2020)

Best laptop for live Streaming Videos in 2020

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Those who are clear that they want a comfortable and useful laptop for everyday life without making a large outlay will find in this model Acer Aspire 3 A315-41-R9J1

a suitable best laptop for live streaming. It has a 15.6 ″ screen with (1920 x 1080) resolution.

Inside, it houses an AMD Ryzen 7 2700U Quad-Core Processor (Up to 3.8GHz) and 8GB DDR4 RAM. One of its strengths is its large memory of 256GB SSD, so we will not have space problems for many series and movies that we accumulate in a long time.

If we want to go a little further and guarantee that our equipment will not be out of date in years, we can lean towards a superior version, such as the Aspire 5 A515-52-78YZ, with the same screen size and resolution, but which goes up to a processor. 8th generation Intel Core i7-8565U, 8 GB of RAM. The storage disk is similar: 1 TB HDD, that is, a lot that will be difficult to fill. In addition, by having an AMD Radeon Vega 10 Mobile Graphics. we will be able to play most current video games without problems.

Both models come with Windows 10 Home installed.


  • RAM and Storage Upgraded
  • Comfortable keyboard.
  • Good design


  • Short battery time
  • Low resolution



Best laptop for live Streaming Videos in 2020


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One of the most powerful convertibles we can find is the Huawei Matebook X Pro . Especially designed to bring the best of a tablet and the LAPTOP FOR STREAMING VIDEOS in a single device, its characteristics allow us to carry out various activities simultaneously without compromising performance.

Its 13.9″ 3K Touch has a resolution of 3, 000 x 2, 000 resolution, which together with its Dolby Premium sound allows us to watch movies or series with great quality at leisure. And when we need a good performance when working, it will not leave us stranded because it incorporates a 16 GB RAM, 512 GB SSD and a powerful8th Gen Intel Core i7 8550U processor + NVIDIA GeForce MX150.


  • Fast performance
  • Comfortable keyboard
  • Long battery life


  • Limited availability



Best laptop for live Streaming Videos in 2020

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The ASUS VivoBook best live streaming laptops is a work and study laptop with the power to spare for years to come. It has a good 15’6 ”screen with an HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels that offers us a decent sharpness.

It incorporates a Powerful 8th Generation Intel Core i5 8250U 1.6GHz (Turbo up to 3.4GHz) processor with 8GB DDR4 RAM and a memory of 256GB SSD + 1TB HDD storage, which is more than enough to work on the Internet with several open tabs, and use photo editing programs such as Photoshop, which are demanding with the performance of any team. It comes with Windows 10 already installed.

Although it is not specifically designed for that, it also works well with most video games, as it incorporates an Intel HD Graphics 620 graphics card. Sound is equalized using proprietary ASUS software, which lets you choose between five listening modes: music, movies, recording, gaming, and speech.

The touchpad uses the same technology as the screen of a smartphone, so it is hypersensitive for good and bad: it responds very well to commands but block it if you are going to write a lot, to avoid accidentally touching it.

Overall, we think it is a great computer at a fairly reasonable price. Without going to a super high range, it gives you the possibility to carry out several tasks at the same time without affecting the work speed


  • Good performance
  • Good cooling solution
  • Good graphics


  • Small battery capacity

5) 2020 HP 15 ( best laptop for streaming)


Best laptop for live Streaming Videos in 2020

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One of the best laptop for live streaming in terms of value for money we can find is the HP 2020, which comes with a Fast Processor 10th Generation Intel(r) Core(TM) i5-1035g1 Processor quad-core 1 0 GHz Base frequency up to 3 6 GHz with Intel’s) Turbo Boost Technology, 16 GB DDR4 RAM and a 512 GB SSD drive that offers memory-size acceptable, with the extra speed provided by this type of SSD.

The 15.6 ″ screen is HD quality with a resolution of 1,366 x 768 pixels, offering correct image quality and sharpness. Includes Intel HD Graphics 0.01 MB.

It is a versatile computer valid for a wide variety of functions. At work or in the studio it will work quickly and fluently with any Office program (it comes with Windows 10 installed) as well as browsing the internet, even if we have several tabs open simultaneously.

Due to its capacity, we can also use it in video or image editing as long as we do not expect professional performance. Also, it is suitable for a large part of current video games, even if it is not a normal gaming laptop.

This model is especially recommended for people who are going to use it for a long time away from home because it incorporates a 41 Wh 3-cell lithium-ion battery, which is an important capacity. In addition, these are compatible with the fast battery charging function, which allows us to recharge close to 50% of its capacity in just 45 minutes.


  • A good resolution for gaming
  • Good battery backup
  • Good design


  • No Thunderbolt 3 port

6) Chuwi Aerobook (Live streaming works)


Best laptop for live Streaming Videos in 2020

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Among the lesser-known brands, we can find small jewels with an outstanding value for money, especially among Chinese manufacturers that are beginning to emerge.

This is the case of this Chuwi Aerobook laptop with a 13.3 ”screen. With a reasonable size -especially since it weighs only 3.98 pounds- it offers a very remarkable image quality with 1,920 x 1,080 pixels of resolution.

It incorporates a 2.2 GHz Core M 6Y30 processor, more than enough for basic tasks and a memory of 256 GB flash, which will come to us for daily use unless we want to store large amounts of files. In any case, we can always add an SD card to expand the capacity (not included).

Possibly the most remarkable thing about this equipment is its 8 GB DDR3 RAM memory, which will give it a much greater fluidity of use than equipment of a similar price, which usually has less powerful RAMs. To work and study it is difficult to find a more efficient team for this price. It also comes with Intel HD Graphics 515 graphics.

An extra detail not very common in this range of notebooks is that it comes with a backlit keyboard, which allows us to use it in the dark, which opens up a range of possibilities for working at the university or in meetings while doing a projection. Includes Windows 10 already installed.

Of course, the value for money is great. The Chuwi Aerobook seems specially designed for workers and students who want to have very specific equipment to work without making a large outlay.


  • Excellent price
  • Very lightweight: 1.25 Kg
  • Keyboard space is optimized to the maximum


  • Limited to basic uses
  • The processor is very powerful and low battery life


7) New Microsoft Surface Go (best laptop for streaming)


Best laptop for live Streaming Videos in 2020

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The New Microsoft Surface Go convertible Best laptop for live Streaming is so popular for very good reasons: it combines the most outstanding features of the best laptop for live streaming and a tablet in one device, all at an affordable price. Lightweight (1.15 pounds) and easy to carry anywhere, it has a 10 ″ screen with an impressive resolution given its small size: 1,800 x 1,200 pixels.

With its 1.6 GHz Pentium processor and 8 GB DDR RAM, it offers smooth operation even in multitasking, allowing us to move from one program to another as we like, as well as from leisure to work.

The memory is not excessively wide (Flash Memory Solid State) but being of the SSD type favours the speed of use, which is one of the most outstanding characteristics of the device. As it could not be otherwise in the case of a product manufactured by Microsoft, it comes with Windows 10 Home installed.

If the budget allows us, we can go for a superior model, the Surface Pro, which improves the Go in terms of its processor, which is a more powerful Intel Core i5-7300U. This model also improves its screen, which is larger (12.3 ”), and has a stunning resolution of 2,736 x 1,824 pixels. The only disadvantage apart from the fact that its price is higher is that its weight is higher, although since its dimensions are greater, it is a consistent consequence.


  • Portability and lightness (weighs just over half a kilo)
  • Large screen resolution
  • Powerful performance


It may be too small to work long periods

8)  Apple MacBook Air (Best laptop for streaming)


Best laptop for live Streaming Videos in 2020

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Within the Apple ecosystem, the MacBook Air is a more affordable option than the Macbook Pro but also with notable features. It incorporates a 1.8 GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 processor,  which together with its 128 GB SSD hard drive and its 8 GB RAM memory ensure that we have exceptional performance with any program or application that Let’s use, even in multitasking.

It is ideal for those who use the laptop on a daily basis and need it to deliver great performance at all times. Its screen is 13 ”, an optimal size to work but at the same time it allows the laptop to be small enough to take it anywhere.

Unlike the Pro model, its resolution is 1,440 x 900 pixels, lower but sufficient for a use other than image or video editing.

It incorporates the macOS Sierra operating system, typical of Apple. Made entirely of recycled aluminium, it is the Best laptop for live Streaming that can hardly be considered cheap. However, due to its power and the durability that Apple products usually offer, it can be a very wise investment.

A disadvantage is that, if we are not used to working with Apple devices, it is likely that we will have to go through an adaptation period to get the most out of this equipment.


  • Recognized reliability in Apple products
  • Exceptional performance
  • Good value for money


  • The screen has a modest resolution
  • Cannot increase storage or RAM

9) Acer Nitro 5 ( Best laptop for streaming)


Best laptop for live Streaming Videos in 2020

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Designed especially for gamers, the laptop Acer Nitro 5 AN515-42 incorporates a 15.6 “FHD with a resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels.

It is remarkable image quality, but where this laptop really catches the eye is inside: it has a 3.6 GHz Ryzen 5 2500U processor with DDR4 RAM so that together with the Nvidia AMD Radeon RX 560 4MB graphics card it can easily handle any current video game.

In addition, regarding memory, it comes with a 1 TB Mechanical Hard Drive with which, after a proper configuration, it further accelerates the performance of the computer. With these characteristics, and although it is aimed at the video game fans, video editing professionals can also make the most of it , another of the activities that demand the most performance from this team.

This best laptop for live streaming, which comes with Windows 10 Home installed, leads the top for its great value for money but, if the budget is not a problem, the ASUS GL504GV-ES020 is even more powerful, with its Intel Core i7-8750H processor, 16GB RAM and Nvidia RTX 2060 graphics. Like the Acer, it combines two HDDs and SSDs to increase performance, in this case, both 1TB. In addition, it includes an advanced cooling system to support long gaming sessions.


  • Great image quality
  • Very good performance and speed
  • Price-performance ratio


  • For some its gamer aesthetic
  • Requires minimal knowledge to take advantage of dual SSD and HDD drives

10)  New MacBook Pro (Best laptop for live streaming)


Best laptop for live Streaming Videos in 2020

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Apple’s most powerful best laptop for live streaming today is the MacBook Pro, and as you might expect, it ‘s a real gem.

The 16 ”version features a 2.3 GHz Ninth-generation 8-Core Intel Core i9 Processor and 1TB Storage memory. It comes with a 16GB RAM and a 16 ”retina screen of 3072×1920 pixels, which given the small size of the screen gives us an idea of ​​the tremendous quality of the image.

Those looking for the best of the best here have a very important option to consider since the 15 ”option offered by Apple is even more powerful, but perhaps with a worse price-quality ratio. This larger version comes with a 2.7 GHz Intel Core i7 processor and 18GB RAM, more powerful than the 16 ”model.

The screen resolution is 3072×1920 pixels since the screen is obviously larger. Both teams are the top of the range in these measures and will offer us a magnificent performance in all kinds of tasks, being ideal for designers, image or video editors or any profession in which a high-powered team is required. All this in addition to the reliability and resistance treasured by Apple.


  • Recognized reliability in Apple products
  • High-resolution retina display
  • Processor memory and RAM geared towards smooth performance


  • High price
  • Cannot increase storage or RAM


Laptop buying guide

The arrival of tablets and smartphones in our lives around ten years ago has meant a change in the way we use best laptop for live streaming.

However, they are still essential in many areas, both work and education, providing a large number of possibilities of use anywhere in our home or outside of it if necessary, thanks to being able to take them with us anywhere.

Having the Best laptop for live Streaming adapted to our needs is more an investment than an expense since it will allow us to save a lot of time by working fluently. It is not mandatory to make high outlays to get a functional laptop, although depending on the requirements we have, we will have to pay attention to the specifications of each model. These are some of the key features that we should pay attention to before making the purchase:

Screen size and resolution.

The size of the screen is linked, as expected, to the size of the laptop itself, but it is more convenient to take the measurements of the screen as a reference since depending on the frame that surrounds it, it is larger or smaller.

The size of the screens is typically measured in inches that, although it may mislead us as users of the decimal system, at least it offers us round numbers. The most common measurements on laptop screens are 13, 15 and 17 inches, which are equivalent to 33.02 cm, 38.1 cm and 43.18 cm respectively.

These measurements are obtained by measuring the screen diagonally and can serve as a reference if we already have any other laptop or tablet at home. So we will know if we would like it to be a little bigger, smaller or the same as any other device we have.

Although it seems difficult to deny the saying “the bigger, the better” we must bear in mind that the price is usually linked to the size of the screen and that, if we are going to transport it very often outside the home, it can be more cumbersome to carry in a backpack or bag. Taking another laptop we have on hand is highly recommended.

  • 11-inch and 12-inch laptops are considered small in size. They offer the obvious advantage of a smaller size and a lighter weight, although sometimes the screen may be a little small. However, if we plan to take one of these laptops to work or university on a daily basis, they offer the great advantage that they are lighter and less bulky so they fit in any backpack.
  • The measurements from 13 to 15 inches are the most common and are a good mix between portability and ease of use since they allow you to work with greater comfort than those of small size without being too bulky to transport them.
  • From 16 to 18 inches we could consider them large, normally with a higher processing power than those of other smaller sizes since they are usually used to play video games or by imaging professionals, video editing, etc.

Although nobody is going to prohibit us from carrying them from one place to another and there are even backpacks designed to carry laptops over 18 inches , it does not seem the most recommended option.

Regarding the resolution of the screen, this will be linked to the size, since 1,366 pixels in width are not the same in an 11-inch laptop as in a 17-inch one. The more pixels per inch, the greater the quality and sharpness of the screen. image. In measurements of up to 15 inches, 1,366 X 768 pixels is more than enough.

From these measures we could base ourselves on the Full HD 1,920 x 1080 pixel standard, although there are higher resolutions such as 4K, recommended for graphic and audiovisual production.


The processor is the brain of each machine and what will determine its capacity.

It is not expandable like other elements of the laptop such as memory and is difficult to replace. In good measure it marks the final price of the laptop , so we should not choose the latest model if we have a limited budget, but neither should we fall short if we need great power.

Currently, most laptops incorporate Intel i3, i5 and i7 processors. The higher the number the more recent its launch and the greater its power.

Without going into deep analysis and specifications that each processor offers us, we could agree that the i3 is sufficient for those who are looking for basic use, such as visiting the internet, shopping, watching videos or using word processors.

The i5 would be suitable for those who use it more intensively, with several tabs open while they work and they need everything to flow with speed.

It also allows you to edit videos or play most PC games, although those who want to spend a large amount of time on one of these two activities, which are usually the most demanding with the processor, should consider the possibility of spending a little more, move to the i7 range.

To refine a little: the processors whose names end in Y or U are lower-end than the H, with a higher power, being the Q those that are made up of several cores and therefore are more powerful.

Regarding RAM , 4GB may be enough for basic use, although there are inexpensive 8GB options. The gamers should opt for an 8Gb or even a 16GB to guarantee that it will work with all kinds of video games.

Graphics card

The power of the graphics card will be linked to the resolution of the screen (the higher the resolution, the greater the effort that the graphics card must make) and above all, the use we want to give it, especially if we are thinking of using the laptop to play a video game.

We can consult the requirements of the usual video games that we use to know which graphics card is capable of meeting them. Anyway, except for gaming laptops that have more specific characteristics, graphics cards tend to be consistent with the power of the best laptop for live streaming and the resolution of its screen , so we should not worry much.

Also, if after a few months we become suddenly interested in video games, we always have the option of buying an external graphics card .


A few years ago one of the biggest concerns was knowing “how many gigs” of storage a laptop had . Many users, including myself, suffered from a digital Diogenes syndrome that prompted us to store thousands of MB of data in the form of movies, music or video games.

However, the times when we stored a huge amount of movies or songs are long gone. Streaming and cloud services carry all that weight, and storage capacity is no longer an issue. However, it is advisable to pay attention to the type of memory.

HDDs are the conventional ones and have been used for years up to this part, however, SSDs have burst in with force , since, despite having less storage capacity, they are faster and lacking moving parts, more resistant (and very quiet, a feature always to be appreciated).

SSDs are generally a bit more expensive, but it may be worth it for what we gain in performance. In addition, we can save a little if we select a SSD of lower capacity and if we see that it eventually fills up, buy an external SD memory or even an external hard drive.

Operating system

The operating system is already installed as standard on most laptops and will largely determine the choice to be made.

We must ask ourselves which is the most suitable for our needs. The choice between a Macbook or the rest of laptops that come with Windows (although we can install other operating systems such as Linux, which is another story), will limit the uses we can give it.

It is commonly accepted that devices that host Apple’s iOS operating system flow better . They give fewer problems and are often widely used in professional fields such as audiovisual editing, graphic design , 3D design, etc.

However, apart from being more expensive, this option pushes us to get hold of other brand devices to get the most out of their services, such as an iPhone.

Making the jump to a Macbook is more comfortable for iPhone users, for example. In general, we are more accustomed to the Windows ecosystem , which provides us with a much greater quantity of notebooks to select and at cheaper prices.

Mainly these are the five key points on which we must meditate, along with the price, when selecting a laptop. Other important specifications in some cases will be the capacity of the battery , especially for people who are going to use it a lot outside the home in places without connection to the electric current.

The autonomy of the battery will be greater the more cells it has, although the larger the screen size, the greater its consumption. Keep in mind that the size of the battery directly affects the size and especially the weight of the laptop.

CD-DVD burner on the laptop?

One of the doubts that can come to us is to buy the laptop with or without a CD-DVD burner. Just as there was a time of transition in which laptops and desktop computers brought floppy disk and CD player even knowing that the first system was becoming obsolete, at the moment it seems clear that CD and DVD are going to become tools of the past.

However, especially depending on the age of the buyer, it is usual to have a large number of music and movie CDs and DVDs that can be played or video games that we will not be able to use unless our laptop has its own CD-DVD recorder.

Or not: an intermediate option is to buy a laptop without a CD-DVD burner and purchase an external disk drive. In this way the laptop will be thinner and lighter, but we can use all CDs and DVDs when we need it. Depending on the use that we are going to give it, we can opt for one of the three options.

What is the best brand of laptop?

If we are going to opt for a laptop that carries the iOS operating system there is nothing more to deliberate since it is exclusive to the Apple brand. It is considered by many to be the best brand given the reliability of its devices and the good finishes it offers in all its details.

Of course: quality is paid and it is certainly not the cheapest brand. For Windows, the variety is very extensive: Acer, Asus, Hp, Dell … All of them are brands with many years of experience behind them and dozens of models on the market.

Lenovo, which designs and manufactures from China, is one of the most acclaimed for its great quality/price ratio, something to keep in mind especially if our budget is low.

Chuwi is also another Chinese firm that is gaining a good reputation. Another very relevant brand especially if we are looking for a laptop to play video games is MSI.

Are convertible laptops a good option?

Convertible laptops are a mix that unites the best of laptops and tablets, allowing us above all usability to be appreciated.

In a single device, we have a laptop, which at first seems more geared towards work or study, and a tablet, more suitable for entertaining and which also tend to be somewhat larger than usual tablets.

It also offers us the possibility that children who are not yet using the keyboard or mouse to do their little things through the tablet (if we dare to leave it). In a single device, we can have both, which can save money. However, the limitations offered by its design and size can cause the battery capacity to be less than what we are used to.


Best laptop for live Streaming Videos in 2020


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