The beginning of the end for Google Play Music

The beginning of the end for Google Play Music

Google Play Music is a streaming music service that has lost popularity to the detriment of YouTube Music. And it seems that its descent begins.

Google Play Music has been for years the streaming music service of Google, a service that without having the popularity of Spotify or Apple Music, has always accompanied us. With the launch of YouTube Music, we were wondering what would Play Music be since we were not sure if it made sense to keep two such similar services.

One of the biggest reasons to distrust Google as a service provider is that you never know where it will come from. While it is true that its superstars like Gmail, Maps, Photos or YouTube seem untouchable, the rest of the not-so-popular services seem to live in a state of constant uncertainty. Especially if they are messaging applications, but not exclusively with messaging applications.

You can no longer give Google Play Music subscriptions


Google Play Music is an application full of benefits. Not only is it a competitor in the music business under subscription, but it also allows us to create our own music collection, bringing our own music files to the cloud (up to 10,000 songs in the cloud).

However, being the purchase of music and the subscription service the main advantages of the application, the main thing is to favour the payment methods. For those who prefer not to leave their card information on services, gift cards are a crucial tool. Every online service worth its salt has varied payment methods.

In the latest update of Google Play Music, as we read in XDA Developers , the application has lost the possibility of giving subscriptions to our friends, this being a great step back on the platform.

What does this change mean? directly that you can no longer buy months of Play Music (if you did) for your acquaintances. Indirectly leaves us the suspicion that Google would be thinking of sending the bench to which for years was the application of music in its catalog.

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The beginning of the end for Google Play Music
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