TechPros World is working on the latest tech news related to gaming, mobiles, laptops etc. TechPros World work on the latest and information. TechPros World has a good team with a lot of experience.


Junaid khan: Author

I am working at TechPros World. I am a blogger from last 4 years, I have experienced in technology-related topics and my interest is related to the latest updates on technology for the reader at Techpros World.




Shepard Roy: Author

I am the author of the TechPros World. I love writing and I am writing for the last 5 years. I like to share my knowledge with the reader, and here I am sharing my knowledge at the TechPros World. I am also working on the eCommerce website to bring the best stuff for the reader.


Jong Smith: Editor

I am the Editor for the TechPros World. I like to find a new thing and shared with the people through Techpros World. I love adventure and most of the time I spend travelling, I am also doing vlogging to engage the reader.


Saad Khan: Manager

I am a manager at Techpros World. I am a blogger and freelancer, I love to find a new thing about technology and writing about it for the reader. I am working for the tech pros world to manage the site to look up the attractive and latest news. Most of the time I spend to find new stuff for the user.


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