Amazfit X: this is the flexible clock of the Xiaomi ecosystem

Amazfit X: this is the flexible clock of the Xiaomi ecosystem

Amazfit, one of the Xiaomi ecosystem companies, has presented the spectacular new Amazfit X Concept Watch with a flexible display. Xiaomi has a huge product catalog. Only by looking at the ones she designs and creates by herself can we ensure that she is one of the firms with the most products in this sector. But it is also the Xiaomi ecosystem, formed by more than 200 companies in which the Lei Jun firm has investments or with which it collaborates, creates much more.

Amazfit is one of the most important companies in this ecosystem and focuses on wearables or smartwatches. These products go far beyond what a Xiaomi Mi Band 4 does for example.

Today a product has been presented that will go on sale soon, the Amazfit GTS, very similar to the Apple Watch. But he was not the only one, nor the most interesting.

The Amazfit X will use a flexible screen


In the presentation of the new products, one has stood out above the others. We refer to the Amazfit X, a watch that uses a flexible (non-folding) screen, very similar to what Nubia showed us a few months ago, but with a better design.

The 2.07-inch screen is curved and integrated into a metal structure that houses the circuitry of the device. This allows a screen surface of almost three times that of a clock of this size. It will have a resolution that will give you 326 dots per inch and up to 430 nits of brightness, which should ensure that it can be used even in sunlight.

The battery is also curved and has 220 mAh capacity, being able to give no less than a week of autonomy.

A concept with a future



Unlike the other products announced, the Amazfit X Concept Watch has that name because it is still a concept, not a product that we can buy now. Despite that, we are not talking about a crazy idea, but about a project that will go on sale in the first half of 2020, although we still do not know the price.

This reminds us of the first Xiaomi Mi MIX, a conceptual terminal that marked a trend and was a success.

Hopefully, there are no setbacks that prevent it from coming to light as we have been listening and reading the promises of being able to wear watches and bracelets with flexible screens for many years and so far it has not been.


Amazfit X: this is the flexible clock of the Xiaomi ecosystem
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